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Welcome to skyline projects. Your trust and confidence in us make us the best


in Kolkata.
Let us know what you are looking forward to from us.


The foundation stone of our business is our value system,being a People-Oriented Business we inculcate a strong sense of  ethics and responsibility towards society.


With unshakeble strength,we believe in maintaing Honesty,Transparency and Fair Business practices.


To make the best quality properties,deliver value for money (VFM) to our customers and improve everyday.


Being Visionaries in business we aspire to add value in lives of people by making everyday living a pleasure for generations to come.


Skyline Projects is one of the most Authentic and renowned Real Estate Developer organizations in the real estate sector of Kolkata. Maintaining superior quality in every project encourages us to stand out and achieve excellence. We are committed to offering our property buyers the best return on their investment. Being very conscious of our business ethos, we are a real estate company you can rely on. With our values rooted in honesty and sincerity, we aspire to develop properties with a difference. With in-depth study and expertise of a team of professionals, the homes we build are carefully planned and designed by architects and designers who are among the city's best. The Group has adapted to the new economic order with the changing times. The goal is to make a mark in Real Estate and construction industry, creating infrastructure projects, and commercial and residential complexes that are changing the face of the city.


With an aspiration to go beyond the Skyline here's a brief introduction to our co-founders:

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