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Being a thought driven real estate developer at Skyline we believe in making quality instead of quantity. All Skyline buildings are constructed in a time-proof mechanism which makes them stand the test of time and is made with the finest quality materials for attaining finesse in completion. Some of our Flagship Projects are


5 Pointer "Properties for Generations" Checklist:

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Soil Quality Investigation

It is the entire responsibility of the Developer to check that the type and quality of soil on which the building has been constructed is of good quality. The type of soil in one place is entirely different from a place situated a few kilometres away. The soil should be capable of bearing the load of a high-rise building. Black cotton soil and clay-rich soil are not suitable for construction purposes as they expand, swell and shrink very quickly.

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CHECKED Structural Design

Both Mr. Lalit Baid and Mr. Palash Mazumder have years of experience in the industry and know the importance of the structural design of a building. Though they work only with the best architects the industry has to offer, they ensure that the design created by them has been planned properly. The property is assessed so that the building can resist the impact of an earthquake.

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BEST Quality Of Concrete Mix

The strength of a building is largely dependent on the quality of the concrete mix you are using to build it. Developers need to assess the concrete strength so that they can determine how much load the building is capable of bearing. Even if they can’t prepare the mix themselves all the time, they keep a check on the strength and quality of the ready-mix concrete they are using.

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Wall Thickness Inspection

Not only do developers measure the thickness of walls so that they can mention it in the layout agreements but also inspect the thickness during construction. Since Skyline Projects in Kolkata has carved a niche in the industry by offering the best residential buildings, the focus of their builders is always on using high-quality materials. When the right materials are used for construction purposes, you can stay assured that the walls will be of desired thickness.

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CheckED Plastering Quality

It is not just about the quality of the concrete used and the wall thickness but the plastering quality is also a vital thing to consider. If the construction quality or foundation of the building is of inferior quality, you might notice uneven cracks in the wall plastering. Good quality paint should also be applied to the walls if you want your house to be visually appealing.




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